Animal Fence Mesh Netting Order Completed Ship to UK

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Animal Fence Mesh Netting Order Completed Ship to UK

Animal fence mesh netting is the most basic facility in a zoological, and it is also the thing that can best tell the safety of a zoo or a park.

Animal fence mesh netting includes many aspects and many kinds of fences. It can be the short wall barrier; it can be a perimeter enclosure fence; it also could be a flying birds aviary. Zoological parks or bird parks can choose different materials for various purposes. Surely, this must be troublesome for some people. Because there are so many kinds of animals.

However, there is one animal fence netting that can fit almost all the animal enclosures. It is made of the most durable material of stainless steel 304 and 316. But, don’t get it wrong – the stainless steel fence mesh is not bulky and hard. On the contrary, the stainless steel animal enclosure mesh is very flexible and transparent. With different opening sizes and cable diameters, all the animals are safe in the enclosures.

The stainless steel woven mesh is just like a fabric cloth weaving with wire cables.

It can be rolled and folded as in the pictures. In this view, wire rope netting can save a lot of shipping costs for customers, especially in the recent two years.

These photos are the packing and completed wire mesh rolls. This is the order for a famous zoo park located in the United Kingdom.

In the first, they ordered some small apertures mesh nets. They are mainly for parrots aviaries and small animals like meerkats. The designs of these enclosures and aviaries are very interesting and funny. People will love these tunnel mesh and creative aviaries.

After a few days, they added some more cable mesh for the large herbivores. The 1/8″ diameter cable mesh can guard the security of the bridge railings for the animals.

We believe we will have more cooperation in the future.

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