Peacock Enclosure for Sale

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Peacock Enclosure for Sale

peacock exhibit aviary mesh

peacock exhibit aviary mesh

The peafowl is a very ornamental bird. The peacocks and peahens are collectively referred to as peafowls. Of course, the peacocks with their beautiful and elegant tail feathers are always the ones that attract attention in zoos and bird gardens. Hengyi ecozoomesh has the peacock enclosure for sale as well as peafowl aviary netting.

Today, we are going to introduce the peacock enclosure mesh and peafowl aviary netting for you.

Stainless steel cable mesh is recognized as the best zoo animal cage material. So, wire rope mesh is also the most suitable material for peafowl aviary netting.

Not all kinds of enclosure fences are suitable for bird aviary netting. When choosing materials, you must consult a professional fence net supplier. Hengyi Ecological Metal Mesh has many years of professional experience in the manufacturing of aviary mesh and is willing to provide every customer with high-quality advice and suggestion.

PEACOCK AVIARY MESH peacock enclosure for sale

For large aviary, the heavy and poorly view sight fences are not acceptable, like wooden cages. It is not convenient for cleaning and the birds can not have enough space to move around or even fly. Nylon bird netting is an option, however, it is not strong enough, and it can easily entangle birds and harm them.

Flexible woven cable mesh is a soft but strong net. The rope mesh has a round surface, and when you choose an appropriate opening size, it will perfectly guard the safety of the birds.

Designers much more love the handwoven steel mesh for the customized dimensions, and beautiful appearance, and durability.

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