Hand Woven Steel Bird Netting for Sale

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Hand Woven Steel Bird Netting for Sale

Bird netting is the most common application of the stainless steel hand-woven steel mesh. If you want to purchase top-quality hand woven steel bird netting, please contact Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh[email protected].

Hand woven steel bird netting is made of SUS304 or SUS 316 grade stainless steel wire ropes. This is not only for the purpose of enclosing the birds not flying away but also not allowing other creatures outside to enter the birdcage or aviary.

And stainless steel net can be used as the material of a walk-in bird aviary. The Hand Woven Cable Mesh in this situation is like a huge and invisible protective barrier. The huge space in the walk-in aviary allows birds to fly freely. Inside are the real forest and other natural things. In this regard, the woven stainless steel mesh has achieved a very good response. Bird parks around the world have used stainless steel nets to transform their large birdhouses.

Hand Woven Steel Bird Netting

There are many specifications for aviary nets. The most common specification for small birds is the HY1225 – 1″ mesh opening hole in a 3/64″ cable diameter. The mesh opening is small and lightweight. It is suitable for all kinds of small parrots and ornamental birds.

There are a large number of bird nets in stock in Hengyi’s warehouse. 304L stainless steel material, purely hand-woven. Large mesh sizes are available. If the order quantity is large, the price will be very favorable. This is a very good time to plan a new aviary.

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