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Zoo Tiger Fence Railing Mesh–ecozoomesh

Zoo Tiger Fence Railing Mesh,

Zoo Tiger Fence Railing Mesh–ecozoomesh

Hengyi ecozoomesh new zoo fence mesh(Zoo Tiger Fence Railing Mesh) is luxurious, durable and the best material of choice for zoo reconstruction.


Zoos or wildlife parks have a long history. Nowadays new zoos have been built all over the world to introduce wild animals. Because the zoo is not only a place for tourists to enjoy entertainment, but also a classroom for educating people about wildlife and protecting wildlife.

When a zoo is considering upgrading animal cages or fences to meet the needs of modern zoos or wildlife parks, it is important to put the safety of visitors and animals at the highest priority. Therefore, it is very important to plan and select quality zoo fences or enclosure facilities in advance.

Nowadays, tourists no longer want to watch animals from a distance but want to get along with animals at a close distance. They also want to feel the fence facilities become part of the viewing attraction. After decades of research and development, Hengyi eco zoo mesh has produced a series of fence – stainless steel woven mesh nets with both openness view and safety.


Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Co. Ltd. also supplies this stainless steel woven mesh to many zoos at home and abroad. From lions and tigers to birds, then to monkeys, learn how our zoo mesh to help you make the next zoo pavilion an attractive landscape.

Zoo Tiger Fence Railing Mesh


The tiger belongs to the feline. Although it does not go to the tree, it has a strong climbing ability and the biting power is very large. If you simply set up a four-sided fence, I am afraid that security is not enough. Doing top protection is a good idea. But if the entire cage is built indoors, the tiger has no space for activities. And it is like in a prisoner’s cage, which is not conducive to the health and behaviors of the tiger.


  • As the picture shown, a folded mesh surface is placed on top of the railing.


Hengyi eco zoo mesh recommends a design for you – the Zoo Tiger Fence Railing Mesh. It not only has an open event venue but also prevents the tiger from climbing out of the fence.



In addition, the raw material of the stainless steel rope woven mesh is AISI 304, 316 stainless steel. The toughness is very good, and the flexibility is great. The mesh weight is light. And the impact resistance is extremely large. The diamond mesh has a beautiful appearance and an open view, which meets the design requirements of modern zoos.

  • Recommended for rope net specifications for tigers: All mesh sizes of eco zoo mesh 1/8″ rope diameter are available, of which HM3251, HM3276, HM32102 are most commonly used.

Hengyi eco zoo mesh also supplies a variety of stainless steel wire mesh products. The next time will introduce you the application and details of other products. Thanks for keeping attention to ecozoomesh.com.


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