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Zoo Monkey Exhibit Enclosure Mesh – ecozoomesh

Zoo Monkey Exhibit Enclosure Mesh – ecozoomesh

The new Zoo Monkey Exhibit Enclosure Mesh of Hengyi eco zoo mesh is luxurious, durable. And it is the best material of option for zoo reconstruction.

When a zoo is considering upgrading animal cages or fences to meet the needs of modern zoos or wildlife parks, it is important to put the safety of visitors and animals at the highest priority. Therefore, it is very important to plan and select quality zoo fences facilities in advance.

Nowadays, the aesthetic requirements of the zoo are getting higher and higher. Not only to be able to clearly see the animals but also to see the animals freely moving in beautiful enclosures. Moreover, the standards of modern zoos are becoming more and more human. And the treatment of animals must be guaranteed.

Hengyi eco zoo mesh factory supplies zoo stainless steel woven mesh for many zoos at home and abroad. Many contributions have been made to the humanization of the zoo. From lions, tigers to birds to monkeys, learn how our zoo seine helps the zoo and make the next zoo pavilion an attractive landscape.

Last time we introduced the Zoo Tiger Fence Railing Mesh, today we mainly introduce the Zoo Monkey Exhibit Enclosure Mesh.

There are many types of primates, and monkeys are one of them. The monkeys are relatively small. The gorillas are larger and stronger. The common feature of primates is that they are good at climbing. They have developed brains and behave like humans, so they are the stars in the zoo and they are very popular.

Zoo Monkey Exhibit Enclosure Mesh, golden monkey exhibitZoo Monkey Exhibit Enclosure Mesh, Monkey cage net construction
Zoo Monkey Exhibit Enclosure MeshZoo Monkey Exhibit Enclosure Mesh

The above pictures show you some project cases of the Hengyi eco zoo mesh for your reference.

The design of the cages in the zoo’s monkey exhibition hall is also varied, but it must follow the living habits of monkeys. If you violently put them in a small cage, it will definitely have a great impact on the monkey’s life habits and performance.

The application of the stainless steel woven mesh of the zoo has greatly improved this situation. The mesh structure of the wire rope mesh is particularly good in see-through permeability. It is very flexible and can be designed in any shape, close to nature and green. This allows the animals to enjoy the natural environment freely, such as sunlight, water, and trees.

Zoo stainless steel woven mesh can be applied not only to monkeys but also to other primates.


If you are considering rebuilding or building a new primate cage, we recommend the eco zoo stainless steel rope mesh product. We are the factory, and quality and price have absolute advantages.

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