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Bird Netting Fence, Bird Garden Roof Net – ecozoomesh

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Bird Netting Fence, Bird Garden Roof Net – ecozoomesh

The new Bird Netting Fence and Bird Garden Roof Net of Hengyi stainless steel rope net factory,  is highly luxury, strong and durable, good perspective. And it is the preferred material for the reconstruction of the zoo bird park.

The current aviary is not only a bird cage built indoors but also an outdoor flight aviary. The venue is open, with a good perspective and close to natural elements. Visitors stroll through the small world of the aviary as if they were entering the real bird forest.

Such a bird garden requires a high-quality bird netting fence and a bird garden roof net. And the stainless steel woven mesh is the best material.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh supplies zoo stainless steel woven mesh for many zoo birds and gardens at home and abroad. Many contributions have been made to the humanization and modernization of zoos and bird parks. From lion tigers to birds to monkeys, learn how our zoo mesh helps the zoo and make the next zoo pavilion an attractive landscape.

I remember that we introduced the tiger and primate fences in detail before. Today we mainly introduce the bird netting fence and the bird garden roof net.

Bird Netting Fence, Bird Garden Roof Net
Bird Netting Fence, Bird Garden Roof Net

Birds are different from other animal species, and although they are much smaller than tigers or monkeys, they have more room for movement. Because birds will fly, there must be plenty of room. Otherwise, birds and poultry will be no different.

The bird net fence can be selected according to the size of the bird. The size of the mesh can not escape, and it does not need to be too small. Since it will fly, you must set up a bird garden roof net. This will keep the birds from escaping and protect them from foreign objects.

The shape of the aviary is also varied and does not need to be square. A variety of shaped birdhouses can be designed. According to your design, Hengyi eco zoo mesh can produce mesh for you. The size is suitable for your frame, and the installation is convenient and simple.

We also have detailed introductions the cages of birds before. There are several types: Parrot Aviary Mesh, Large birds Aviary Mesh, Walk Through Aviary, etc. For details, please refer to the product page.

If you are building or rebuilding a birdcage, we recommend the stainless steel rope mesh product. We are a factory specializing in the production of stainless steel rope mesh products. We have rich experience, quality, and price.

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