Zoo Mesh Eagle Enclosure Cables

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Zoo Mesh Eagle Enclosure Cables

eagle aviary mesh

Zoo Mesh Eagle Enclosure cables is a common application of stainless steel cable mesh.

Stainless steel eagle cage net and zoo mesh eagle enclosure cables is often seen in aviaries or in zoos.

There are many species of eagles, which are carnivorous and will catch mice, snakes, hares or small birds. With its majestic body and fierce temperament, the eagle is known zoologically as a raptor species. The security of aviaries for raptors is even more important. It is imperative to ensure that the eagle is safe and will not escape from the enclosure. And it needs to be safe and non-toxic, so that even if the eagle pecks the net or tears the mesh.

Stainless steel cable mesh is safe, non-toxic, strong and durable. And it has no sharp edges and is made of woven steel wire rope with a very smooth surface. The huge mesh panel with sturdy frame and winding cable forms a huge flying birdhouse. Eagles can spread their wings and soar freely.

General eagle aviary nets are available in 1/16 inch and 5/64 inch cable nets with 2 inch mesh. We once supplied 1/16 inch cable netting to a zoo in Sweden when their eagle exhibit was 13 meters high and very huge. The eagle can fly freely.

Zoo Mesh Eagle Enclosure Cables

Eagle cage net project we have done

We have also made an 8m high eagle cage net for a client in Indonesia, supported by huge steel pillars in the middle. The surrounding fence is slightly below the middle pillar and the whole roof is umbrella shaped, which is very spectacular.

Last year, we supplied a bird exhibition ferrule mesh and Zoo Mesh Eagle Enclosure cables to an important zoo in Spain. They designed a magnificent aviary consisting of several domes. This aviary allows visitors to enter and share the space with the birds. The aviary is planted with tall trees and natural elements such as running water and rocks.

Stainless steel cable mesh has proven to be a great performer in bird netting design. Its soft and flexible characteristics can adapt to various designs. Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh accepts customized mesh size to make your design and installation more convenient and hassle-free.

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