Stainless Woven Cable Mesh for Enclosures-ecozoomesh

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Some Notes about Stainless Steel Cable Mesh Panels

Stainless Woven Cable Mesh for Enclosures-ecozoomesh

Stainless Woven Cable Mesh for Enclosures – outdoor stainless steel woven mesh animal fences

Nowadays, zoos and safari parks all over the world are trying to show their animals in the paddock in the natural state to protect the health and well-being of the animals. They want to let the audience see the animals in a natural state. The Stainless Woven Cable Mesh provides an almost transparent, sturdy and flexible barrier to the animal exhibit area.

Outdoor stainless steel woven mesh animal fences minimize the viewing barrier by using stretched building supports. It gives the design greater flexibility while considering the shape and layout of the enclosure. In addition, there is an innovative stainless steel braided cable mesh that can withstand greater loads than the ferrules mesh while further increasing transparency.

Up to now, Stainless Steel Cable Mesh for Enclosures has been used in large cats, birds, primates, and for most other terrestrial animal species. The size and elasticity of the structure can adapt to various environments.


Stainless Woven Cable Mesh, Stainless Steel Woven Mesh width=



Stainless Steel Woven Mesh Technical Information:

Mesh size: 15mm to 152mm aperture, suitable for all species

Rope diameter size: 1.2mm – 4.0mm, 7×7 and 7×19 structure

Material: 304/316 grade stainless steel



Stainless Woven Cable Mesh for Enclosures Advantage:

  • Widely used in a variety of species around the world.
  • Flexible and flexible to adapt to complex geometries.
  • Provide a powerful and almost invisible barrier.
  • High durability and low maintenance products.
  • It can be oxidized and dyed to enhance corrosion resistance.



Great zoo viewing experience

Another aspect of using these new designs is related to modern zoological methods that are reimagining how best to design animals with various types of fences, and to better show animals to the public.

This has achieved very good results.

In turn, other nature exhibitions around the world have followed suit and installed net fences for many animal species so that zoo visitors can enjoy them as naturally as possible.


Create a natural animal exhibition habitat

When the first outdoor wildlife park was opened by the London Zoological Society in 1931, operators said they wanted visitors to be close to animals with mesh fences. However, the stainless steel woven mesh used for fences took decades to become the new normal of today’s top animal sanctuaries.

In general, the result is happier visitors who can enjoy their favorite animals in their natural state as much as possible because they barely see the structure of the fence, as if they were staying with wild animals.


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