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Wire rope woven nets supplier

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Co. Ltd. is a professional wire rope woven nets supplier in China.

Wire rope woven mesh is a green protection product with corrosion resistance, no rust, no pollution. It can be reused, and does not require any maintenance. It has a service life of more than 30 years.

At present, most of the renovations of zoo cages around the world use wire rope woven nets as animal protection nets.

One-time investment, lifetime use, eliminating the need for a lot of unnecessary maintenance costs.

wire rope woven nets supplier

wire rope woven nets supplier

Wire rope woven nets supplier in China

The wire rope woven net is very beautiful and has a good viewing line. For zoo protection, it can give animals a wide visual space and also give visitors a good view.

There are various names for wire rope woven nets, namely stainless steel woven rope nets, stainless steel woven nets, stainless steel wire rope nets, and hand-woven stainless steel rope nets. Its wide range of uses, mainly used for the zoo fence, animal cages with nets in place and other places of the fence, fence, decorative, protective nets and so on.

Wire rope woven mesh can be applied to the design of various environments and various shapes and structures.

Still looking for wire rope woven nets supplier in China? Then contact Hengyi quickly. Hengyi customized various specifications to meet the needs of users.

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