Wire Mesh Barrier Netting, Koi Pond Protective Net

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Wire Mesh Barrier Netting, Koi Pond Protective Net

Wire mesh barrier netting will provide the best security for your garden and pond such as koi pond protective net.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh – Wire mesh barrier netting has been a common material for zoos and parks, and it has also gradually entered the home garden, becoming the main material to protect the garden from being destroyed such as raccoons.

Wire Mesh Barrier Netting

It has two most commonly used raw materials, namely AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel. On the surface, there is no difference. But if you test the ingredients, you will find the difference. AISI 316 has more Ni than AISI 304 material, so AISI 304 material can meet the needs of most regions, and AISI 316 material stainless steel cable net is more suitable for use in seaside and wet areas.

Koi pond protective net

ID: HY1238

Type: AISI 304

The stainless steel rope is soft and flexible. We weaved the stainless steel rope into a protective net, which can be applied to various protective areas. Whether it is a zoo, a park or a home garden, a pond, even a bridge guardrails, and stair railings can be used.

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