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Supplier of Handwoven Stainless Steel Mesh



Are you a zoo who is looking for a reliable supplier of handwoven stainless steel mesh?

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh is the one- the reliable supplier of handwoven stainless steel mesh in China. Hengyi Metal Mesh, who is the manufacturer of steel wire mesh, provides different meshes for monkeys, tigers, leopards, birds, and other animals.

Selection of Hengyi Metal Mesh, you are selecting the quality, but also enjoy the factory price.

What we provide:

 Variety of specifications;

Product size customization;

High-quality and factory price;

After-sales installation instructions, etc.

Different meshes

We have the mesh aperture of 2″, 3″, 4″, and even larger mesh is suitable for medium-sized animals.

For small animals or birds, you can choose from the opening size of 2″ or less and a minimum of 0.8″, enough for a variety of birds.

The enclosures of animals such as tigers, lions, and leopards are more stringent in terms of safety. Safety is usually ensured by using a 1/8″ rope diameter. And the weight is light enough to reduce the difficulty of installation.

supplier of handwoven stainless steel mesh

Transparent mesh

Another big advantage of woven stainless steel mesh is its transparency. Light, fresh air, rain, etc. can pass through the fence without being blocked. Through some cases and photos, I believe that you can easily understand its superiority.

Project case and order example:

Transparent Lion Exhibit Fence Mesh

Walk-in Aviary Exhibit Replacement Mesh Order

As a supplier of handwoven stainless steel mesh, we provide our customers with high-quality products and promise to replace them free of charge if they have quality problems. Our services are recognized by our customers and earn the trust of our customers. They are willing to work with us to buy our products. And we also get a lot of valuable comments and suggestions through customer feedback.

If you are seeking for a stainless steel rope mesh supplier, we ask you to take consideration of Hengyi Metal Mesh as an option. Our products and services will prove that your choice is withy of.


Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh

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