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Stainless Weave Fence– Eco Zoo Mesh

Stainless Weave Fence

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh offers a large range of stainless weave fence (hand-woven wire mesh) made from first-class stainless steel material in AISI 304/316.

Our stainless steel weave rope mesh fence provides a high degree of corrosion protection. We can supply standard grades of 304 stainless steel or higher quality grades of 316 stainless steel (sometimes referred to as marine grade).

The stainless steel woven fence looks very beautiful and transparent. Imagine an animal enclosure or fence like a piece of art, and that would be a very exciting thing. Such designs or fences allow visitors to stop and watch the animals while being attracted to the exhibits.

Such a design is also very demanding on materials. Stainless steel woven mesh can easily meet the needs of designers.

Stainless Weave Fence



Stainless steel woven mesh features:

  • Soft and flexible;
  • Metallic luster, grid structure;
  • No rust, long life.






For the price of stainless steel hand-woven fence, we are factory, and you will get a competitive price with high-quality products.

The material is priced per square meter or square foot on the website. Sample is available upon request. We offer customization services as well as a variety of mesh sizes. For custom inquiries, please contact our sales team via email.

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