Stainless Steel Woven Zoo Mesh Introduce

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Stainless Steel Woven Zoo Mesh Introduce

Stainless steel woven zoo mesh, hand-woven wire rope mesh, zoo fence, animal containment mesh wire is pliable, transparent grid structures made of stainless steel rope from the eco zoo mesh series are multifunctional and durable.
Eco zoo mesh hand-woven stainless steel netting was subjected to numbers tests and complies with all applicable standards.
As a permanent enclosure and a safety net for zoo mesh, animal enclosure, bird aviary.
It is absolutely UV- and weather-resistant,100% Hand Woven. Strong, Flexible, Soft, Durable, No Rust, No Corrosion. Useful Life Over 30 Years.

stainless steel rope mesh, bird netting

stainless steel woven zoo mesh, hand-woven wire rope mesh

Stainless steel woven zoo mesh introduces

Material: Handwoven stainless steel zoo mesh introduce, zoo mesh, animal enclosure mesh, bird aviary netting choice high-quality stainless steel wire rope to produce. It’s pliable, has transparent grid structures, and is absolutely UV- and weather-resistant.

Structure: per mesh point need to be woven cross twice, so it is never transmutative once its finish.

Effect: Due to the mesh being rhombic, so it has the same hole size. And hand-woven wire rope mesh, animal enclosure mesh, bird aviary netting appear higher transparent, so it will give tourists a higher experience and increase passenger flow with your zoo.

Specialty: Based on pure hand-woven, they can be made to your design size, which means can all be different sheet sizes in the same order. And it is very easy to install. We know, every exhibit will need many different size sheet panels. Handwoven wire rope mesh, stainless steel rope mesh can be customized to different sizes to suit the frame and no any joint! It is important that it will be the same price.


 Hand woven stainless steel wire rope mesh for zoo mesh, zoo fence

Handwoven stainless steel wire rope mesh for zoo mesh, zoo fence

Product service life: due to the manufacturing technique being pure handmade its hasn’t been any destruction for the stainless steel wire ropes. The product life can be over 30 years.


Hengyi ecozoomesh stainless steel ferrule mesh zoo mesh has the skin-like characteristics of the diaphragm. It is very flexible, so it can be installed in any shape. Such as rectangle, triangle, rounding top, and any you thought shape.

For a long time, all the world, stainless steel woven cable mesh factory has a restriction: the hole size minimum is 20mm (4/5″). From now it is history! We – Hengyi eco zoo mesh the smaller hole size 12.7mm (1/2″) production process was successfully developed. The position of the world no.1 factory in ecozoomesh is further established!

So our cable woven zoo mesh, hand-woven wire rope mesh, product series include 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm. 2.4mm, 3.0mm, 3.2mm. Wire rope diameter, and 12.7mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm. 38mm, 40mm, 51mm, 60mm, 76mm, 80mm. 90mm, 102mm,120mm. Hole size, total 54 specifications to supply clients for choice.

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