zoo enclosure, zoo netting of safari

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zoo enclosure, zoo netting of safari

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Wild Safari Park Selection — stainless steel rope netting for zoo netting, zoo enclosure and zoo fence

Wild zoo area is very large, in order to give animals and visitors feel immersive, there are special in the choice of fence.
Some wildlife parks use natural terrain as a partition, so the whole park will be very natural and harmonious.
In the case of insufficient natural conditions, the wild zoo will use the fence as a separate, to prevent the animals ran out and hurt each other. At this time, the fence to choose a stealth effect, need easy integration with the surrounding environment. So as not to undermine the overall shape of the wild zoo.
Stainless steel rope netting is a soft mesh, you can use any stretch, climbing plants around the fence around, you can form a good stealth effect.

In addition, zoo fence, zoo enclosure, zoo netting of safari:

1. Tensile strength, breaking force, can be the Tiger, Lion, Leopard and other wild animals easily isolate the protection mesh;
2. Good flexibility, scalable, flexible installation, suitable for a variety of terrain and cage shape;
3. Hand-woven, the overall structure of the stainless steel zoo enclosure, zoo fence mesh is more solid;
4. Beautiful environment, not rust, long life;
5. Custom-made mesh panel size, can cover the entire zoo animal cages.

zoo fence, zoo enclosure, zoo netting of safari

Stainless steel rope netting for zoo fence, zoo enclosure, zoo netting of safari:

Material: stainless steel 304&316

Ropes diameter: 3/64″, 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 1/8″

Mesh aperture: 4/5″x 4/5″, 1″x 1″, 1.2″x 1.2″, 1.5″x 1.5″, 2″x 2″, 2.4″x 2.4″, 3″x 3″, 4″x 4″, 5″x 5″……

Mesh panel size: custom

Suitable for zoo animals include: Birds, Parrot, Macaw, Small birds, Crane, Peacock, Flamingo, Eagle, Ostrich and Deer, Giraffe, Tigers, Lions, Leopard, Monkey, Gibbon, Wolf, Fox, etc.


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