Eagle Enclosure Designing and Construction Special Using Mesh – Stainless Steel Hawk Enclosure Cable Net

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Eagle Enclosure Designing and Construction Special Using Mesh – Stainless Steel Hawk Enclosure Cable Net

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Focusing on the production of wire rope nets, Hengyi continuously improves the quality of zoo nets. What we recommend for you today is the Stainless Steel Hawk Enclosure Cable Net.

At home and abroad, many old zoos and bird parks often see tourists complaining about not seeing animals and birds. The design of animal cages does not consider the behavior of animals at all. The harmonious coexistence of humans, animals and nature has been the basic concept generally followed by modern zoos.

The planning and construction of the zoo must be based on the animals’ viewpoints on the choice of ecological environment. And it should provide suitable habitats for animals. Respect the living habits and psychological needs of the animals themselves, and try to show tourists the original appearance of the animals in nature. Make full use of the ecological environment such as topography, landform and vegetation, and integrate the natural ecological landscape into the zoo.

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Nowadays, a big step in the planning and construction of modern zoos is to rescue animals from their cages. However, animals are wild and aggressive after all, so measures must be taken to ensure the safety of people and animals.

Stainless steel wire rope nets are the best choice.

The stainless steel cable mesh produced by Hengyi Metal Mesh is a professional new zoo net. It is woven with high-quality stainless steel wire rope, which has good visual permeability and can be climbed by green plants, giving animals a feeling of being in nature.

Taking hawk enclosure cable net as an example- The stainless steel woven wire cable mesh also gives the eagles enough space to fly while ensuring the safety of people. Moreover, the inside of the eagle exhibit can be seen by people. With a proper using of the wire cable mesh, you can contain many kinds of birds in one big flight aviary.

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