Flexible Steel Mesh Doubles Space for Animals

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Flexible Steel Mesh Doubles Space for Animals

Flexible Steel Mesh is a mesh made out of premium quality stainless steel. Most are stainless steel 304 and 316 grade. It is a fabric of special flexibility and tensile. Coming out in the 1990s, it opened up a new field for building materials.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh, as the manufacturer of flexible steel mesh, has many years of production experience. We always based on honesty, using high-quality raw materials, bringing benefits to countless customers.

Because flexible steel mesh is mostly used in the construction of zoo fences and animal enclosures, they are also affectionately called “zoo mesh” by customers. The use of flexible cable mesh in the design and construction of zoo animal enclosures doubles the exhibit space for animals. And it also increases the interactive opportunity for guests and animals.


Those beasts are always the big problems for enclosure designing and building. However, Hengyi’s steel woven mesh makes sure of the security and safety of the enclosures.

Of course, thanks to the outstanding characteristics of the stainless steel cable mesh net, it has swept across the global market.

Customers will directly contact us for ordering and purchasing because they can get the best offers from Hengyi Metal Mesh.

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