Tragedy can be avoided by improving zoo enclosures

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Animal escaped from enclosure at zoo

Tragedy can be avoided by improving zoo enclosures

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Zoo Atlanta said a sudden and difficult goodbye on Tuesday.
According to the zoo, Zuberi, an 8-year-old male reticulated giraffe, died under the animal park’s care after getting his neck “wedged in a small space in a metal railing” at the facility’s off-exhibit giraffe complex. (zoo enclosure mesh supplier)
In a statement on the tragic accident, the zoo says that Zuberi was in the “behind-the-scenes giraffe complex,” an area he was familiar with, when the incident occurred Tuesday afternoon.(giraffe and deer zoo enclosure mesh supplier)
Moments before the adult giraffe became wedged, he was observed by his caretakers acting normal. Minutes later, when Zuberi became wedged, the care team responded immediately “with the Veterinary Team and large-mammal animal care specialists on the scene” as well.
Unfortunately, they were not able to save Zuberi, who died shortly after becoming wedged in the railing.
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The zoo is planning to conduct a necropsy to determine the exact cause of death and says it will reveal the results in the coming weeks.
To prevent a tragedy like this from occurring again the giraffe complex is being thoroughly reviewed, even though all animal areas in the zoo undergo safety checks daily. (zoo enclosure mesh supplier)
This news was shocked me. And the tragedy can avoided if the zoo improve its facilities. So I recommend all the zoos a type of zoo enclosure—hand woven stainless steel wire rope mesh. It is flexible, strong, soft, durable, never be rusted, and can use over 30 years. It can protect animals effective. This type of mesh is hand woven and very beautiful. It can provides a safety and closed space with good air and vision for animals.
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