Different Color of Flexible Cable Woven Mesh-ecozoomesh

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Different Color of Flexible Cable Woven Mesh-ecozoomesh

China Zoo wire rope mesh factory, Wire rope mesh custom size

China Zoo wire rope mesh factory, Wire rope mesh custom size

Founded in 2005, Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Co. Ltd. has been committed to producing high quality, well designed and reasonably priced Flexible Cable Woven Mesh products for the zoo and construction industry.

We are now the most professional company in China, and its activities and skills only focus on the manufacture of flexible cable woven mesh.

The growth and success of Hengyi Metal Mesh are a direct result of our continuous improvement and investment policies.

After years of research and development, Hengyi Metal Mesh has launched a dyed flexible cable woven mesh based on the natural color Stainless Steel Woven Mesh.

This process is not painted on the surface of stainless steel but is oxidatively dyed to form a protective film. Therefore, the dyeing does not destroy the non-rusting characteristics of stainless steel but also has a protective effect.

Flexible Cable Woven Mesh – stainless steel woven mesh. Known for its superior practicability and no visual obstruction.

Flexible wire mesh is a replacement for traditional building materials. It is not only suitable for the construction of animal enclosures such as zoos and bird parks, but also for all kinds of buildings.

Whether it is the anti-drop net, the protective net in the home of an individual user, the stair railing net in a public place such as a school or a shopping mall. Or the high-altitude net, the effect of the flexible cable woven mesh net is always surprising. Because it combines practicality and aesthetics, the overall structure is harmonious and beautiful. The service life of the mesh is very long. And the economic benefits are quite good.


In addition to practical and economic benefits, another major advantage of flexible mesh is that it requires little maintenance.

zoo aviary Flexible Cable Woven Mesh

For designers and architects, the attractiveness of a Flexible Cable Woven Mesh as a building material depends primarily on its practicality and unique appearance.

Due to the mesh structure, the wire rope is thin and light in weight and the net itself does not hinder the line of sight. Its color is easy to blend with the surrounding environment. The flexibility of the flexible stainless steel woven mesh allows it to be adapted to a variety of shapes. So that designers can use it to achieve a variety of styles.

This provides designers with more creativity and inspiration. And multiple colors offer more possibilities for design.

Hengyi Metal Mesh not only provides users with high-quality products but also solves many problems for many users. Such as reducing waste, reducing costs, mesh cutting advice, design suggestions, and installation instructions.
We hope that customers will get more than satisfactory products from us, as well as smooth communication and satisfactory service.
If you have any questions about the flexible cable woven mesh, or any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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