Free-Flight Aviary Mesh-ecozoomesh

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Free-Flight Aviary Mesh-ecozoomesh

Free-Flight Aviary Mesh-ecozoomesh

It is a large aviary that allows birds to fly freely – a Free-Flight Aviary Mesh. It allows birds to live freely in the woods. Sunlight, rain, and breeze, etc. are part of their living habitat. These natural elements will enter the aviary without any block.

But what makes the zoo’s or park’s birds enjoy the natural environment? Stainless steel wire mesh is an important and major building material for Aviary Mesh.

The Free-Flight Aviary Mesh has been designed to return birds to nature.

Free-Flight Aviary Mesh

Great Hornbill aviary mesh

The zoo or bird park is not only a place for tourists to enjoy, and it is also a place to protect animals and popularize scientific knowledge. Stainless steel wire mesh is an important material for this purpose. The large aviary is one of the design options.

Because of the light-weight of the stainless steel wire mesh, even large meshes are easy to support. It can be used as a roof net to set up obstacles at the top of the Flight Aviary Mesh to protect the animals from accidental injuries; it also does not block light and air.

Moreover, the stainless steel mesh is flexible, soft, foldable, and can be formed into various shapes. Whether it is a circle, a square, a triangle, or other irregular shapes, or even a 3D shape, it can be achieved.

In addition, what benefits can customers get from the Free-Flight Aviary Mesh?

  • Long service life without maintenance and replacement.
  • Green and environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable.
  • Beautiful appearance, super good experience.

In addition, Hengyi Metal Mesh provides customized services. From specification selection to delivery, from design to after-sales, we can provide you with the most considerable advice.

For more information on the Free-Flight Aviary, please click here- AVIARY MESH.

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