Stainless Steel Fencing Net Samples Sent

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Stainless Steel Fencing Net Samples Sent

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh provides free samples for customers. Stainless Steel Fencing Net samples shipped to our customer.

For the first cooperation or the first time to use a new type of fencing, to have a sample is very important. This allows the customer to test the performance of the product and know more about the characteristics of the product. Only in this way can the customer make a more rational and creative design based on the product.

The samples can be provided for free, but do not accept the specified size. If you do need a specified size sample, a certain sample processing fee will be charged.

The following are the stainless steel fencing net samples we sent to our United States customer.

Stainless Steel Fencing Net



Including three specifications:

1. HY1638

    Natural color


2. HY2076

    Black oxide finishing


3. HY3251

    Black oxide finishing





Since the stainless steel woven net is made of high-quality material and hand-woven, the cost is high, so the sample shipping cost needs to be borne by the requester. You may provide your freight collection account number registered in FedEx/TNT/UPS/DHL. Then we can arrange the samples you need.

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