Transparent Bear Cage Wire

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Transparent Bear Cage Wire

Transparent bear cage wire is a kind of mesh net made of stainless steel wire rope mesh.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh provides various specifications of stainless steel wire rope mesh and bear cage wire. We can offer factory price and premium quality.

The load-bearing fence of bear enclosure is generally constructed with stainless steel wire mesh. Similar products include bear cage net fence, bear exhibition fence, brown bear stainless steel enclosure and so on. The mesh is produced by the Hengyi Metal Mesh stainless steel mesh factory.

To withstand the damage of large animals such as bears, tigers, and lions, safety nets must be strong and durable. Stainless steel wire mesh is preferred for high-strength properties such as breakage resistance, impact resistance, and tear resistance. At the same time, it has highly secure which could protect the safety of animals and people.

Captive animals have great economic value and education function for the zoo. It needs to attract tourists, so enclosures or fences cannot keep animals out of the tourists’ horizons. This will attract visitors to stop and watch. At the same time, this can be more conducive to people’s deeper understanding of animal life activities.

Bear Cage Wire

In addition, the construction of bear garden fences, animal cages, and protective nets is not a one-time project. It is a long-term safety protection facility. Therefore it must be corrosion-resistant, rust-free, and durable. The performance of stainless steel woven mesh meets these requirements. It is made of imported SUS304 stainless steel material. It is very resistant to corrosion and weathering rain and snow. It is very suitable for outdoor use. It has no need for maintenance in outdoor enclosures and has a service life of more than 30 years.

The stainless steel rope net has good softness, foldable and convenient installation, and can design various exhibits according to the actual application environment. Stainless steel rope mesh has various specifications and is suitable for different types of animal protection nets.

Stainless steel wire mesh woven bear cage wire, without visual obstacles, features stainless steel metallic color, ideal for iconic public spaces such as zoos or bird parks.

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