Hengyi Order Sent- Stainless Steel Aviary Mesh for Canada Customer

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Hengyi Order Sent- Stainless Steel Aviary Mesh for Canada Customer

Hengyi Order Sent- Stainless Steel Aviary Mesh for Canada Customer

The Stainless Steel Aviary Mesh produced by Hengyi Metal Mesh for Canada customer was completed and shipped to Canada.

This customer is located in Canada. Their company has a long history and a wide variety of animals, including representative animals from all regions of the world. Many animals are exhibited in the outdoor natural environment. The Stainless Steel Mesh for aviary ordered this time is the material for the outdoor aviary.


This customer is a very professional and responsible client. When they first asked about the quote of Stainless Steel Cable Mesh, they offered the detailed size information and the specifications to be referenced. When we communicate, they can respond to us very promptly. This makes our cooperation very efficient.

Our products are in line with the concept and experience of our client’s. That’s why Stainless Steel Cable Mesh will enter the world’s major zoos to provide security for tourists and animals, while also providing them with opportunities to approach nature. Moreover, the Stainless Steel Aviary Enclosure will also leave a very deep impression on visitors.

Hengyi Metal Mesh Stainless Steel Aviary Mesh is a creative product.

Stainless Steel Aviary MeshPackaging-Stainless-Steel-Cable-Netting-Finished-with-Black-Oxide2

It is cross-woven from stainless steel wire rope to form a diamond mesh, which is not deformed and is very strong. The material is AISI304/316 with rust-free, corrosion-resistant and has a long service life. It is a high-quality product suitable for zoos. No need for later maintenance, it will reduce the operating costs of the zoo.

When the customer chooses the products they need, they must consider many aspects, especially at the zoo. Not only needing to consider safety issues but also the animal’s habits and welfare issues, as well as whether this material complies with local regulations.

The Hengyi Metal Mesh Stainless Steel Aviary Wire Mesh meets international standards and is environmentally friendly. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is almost transparent, and the wire diameter is also very thin. From a distance, it can hardly be found, and it will create a natural habitat for animals. Regarding security issues, do not need to worry. Stainless steel cable mesh is the strongest products in enclosure construction.

Hengyi Metal Mesh serves every customer with sincerity and enthusiasm. We hope to mutual growth and make progress with our customers. Aviary Mesh will bring a better experience to more zoos.


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