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Black Wire Mesh Fencing Order Shipping

Black Wire Mesh Fencing is a black oxide finished stainless steel wire rope mesh.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh produces the stainless steel wire rope mesh with high-quality grade stainless steel cables. This week we sent the black wire mesh fencing order to the United States by air freight.

Black oxide finished surface seems to be a new trend. More and more customers are purchasing the black cable mesh. In the United States and Europe, people are more like the black color mesh enclosures. Because the black color mesh is easy to blend with surroundings. The black wire rope mesh will not glare the dazzling sunlight. It will be friendly to the animals and visitors. That is also why the black cable woven mesh is so popular in the world.


There is one thing we need to know the black oxide is a heating process. First, the woven cable mesh is weaving with the natural color stainless steel wire ropes. After finished, we need to put the natural color stainless steel mesh panels into the tank to dye. So, the mesh panel cannot be too large, or else the mesh can not be put into the tank. It’s OK. We will suggest to you the best dimensions of the wire rope mesh.

The black oxide process is more and more mature. The black color is very uniform.

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