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Ferrule Type Rope Mesh

stainless steel cable ferrule mesh

There are two types of stainless steel rope nets in Hengyi Metal Mesh. They are stainless steel woven type wire rope mesh and ferrule type rope mesh.

We have done a lot of introductions before cable woven wire nets. Today, we will mainly introduce ferrule type rope mesh nets.

Stainless steel ferruled mesh is also a fabric made of stainless steel wire rope. Its biggest feature is that the stainless steel oval ferrule connects two parallel steel wire ropes to form a diamond mesh.

Generally speaking, the opening angle of the stainless steel mesh is 60 degrees. Therefore, in a unit area, the ferrule net uses more raw materials than the woven net. And the weight will be heavier. But the decoration function is excellent.

So, how do we determine the sizes when we purchase the stainless steel wire rope ferrule mesh?

The ferruled mesh is the same as the woven type rope mesh, and it is in a contracted state when it is not installed. So you only need to determine what sizes you need and how dimensions your frame is. Then we will produce the mesh of the corresponding size according to your requirements. For example, 4 meters high x 10 meters long.

ferrule type rope mesh

It should also be noted here that the ferrule cable mesh net also has directions – horizontal and vertical. What we call height is the height of the net in the vertical direction, which is generally not more than 5 meters. If it is 10 meters, then it needs to be divided into two pieces to produce.

Regarding the dyeing of the ferrule net, the stainless steel ferrule is a smooth flat surface. It is different from the texture of the steel wire rope. Under the same black oxidation method, the color of the steel ferrule is not as good as the color of the steel wire rope. Therefore, it is not recommended to dye stainless steel ferrule nets.

If you want to know more about Hengyi stainless steel ferrule type rope mesh net, please send the message directly to our email [email protected]. Or WhatsApp: +86 177 3188 3596, we will be at your service at any time.

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