Black Aviary Cable Netting Order Delivered to USA

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Black Aviary Cable Netting Order Delivered to USA

In the second week of ECOZOOMESH’s resumption of work, we completed the black aviary cable netting orders from American an important customer and arranged the delivery to the USA in time.

This black aviary cable netting order was made in January. And before the Chinese New Year holiday, the order progress has exceeded three-quarters. After the resumption of work, we actively organized workers to return to work. The order of more than 1,000 square meters of stainless wire rope mesh was finally completed this week.

This American bird aviary project uses three specifications of rope nets: 1/16” cable 2” mesh, 3/64” cable 1-1/2” mesh, 3/32” cable 2” mesh. Different specifications are used in different parts of the cage and are suitable for different birds. The overall material is black cable mesh which is unified. It makes the whole design more beautiful and not cluttered.

Black Aviary Cable Netting sent to USA Black Aviary Cable Netting

The black wire rope net adopts stainless steel oxidation heat treatment technology. Through a chemical reaction, a layer of black oxide is attached to the surface of the stainless steel wire rope. It is non-toxic and harmless and conforms to the modern environmental protection concept. As the technology of black oxidation continues to mature, the black zoo net made by ecozoomesh is more and more popular in Europe and the United States.

Since the customizable sizes of the mesh roll, it is greatly convenient for customers to install and use. And it can save a lot of costs. The quality is very reliable and can be used for decades without replacement. Stainless steel black aviary cable netting is the best choice for all kinds of bird aviary and animal cages.

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