zoo fence for eagle cage netting

parrot cage netting, parrot cage fence
Parrot cage netting, parrot fence
real animal city by rope mesh (4)
Real Animal City [rope mesh]

zoo fence for eagle cage netting

eagle cage fence netting

stainless steel zoo fence mesh for eagle cage netting

zoo fence for eagle cage netting is a kind of stainless steel wire rope mesh, made from stainless steel 304 or 316 and pure hand-woven.  Widely used in the zoo animal fence, animal cages, animal enclosure and other protective places.

About zoo fence for eagle cage netting, eagle enclosure fence netting mesh, eagle bird netting, eagle cage netting, eagle wire rope netting, eagle enclosure mesh products, having the follow advantages:
1, corrosion-resistant, no rust
2, strong tensile strength / breaking force
3, soft, good toughness, scalable
4, cross braided, mesh side fixed long
5, transparent, do not block the line of sight
6, beautiful, environmentally friendly, reusable
7, custom mesh size
8, long life, more than 30 years

stainless steel eagle cage enclosure protection mesh

stainless steel eagle cage enclosure netting mesh, eagle fence

Similar to eagle species birds, such as gold eagle, vultures, bald eagles, Goshawk, peregrine falcon, owls etc. using liulin wire rope netting as a protective, commonly used product specifications are as follows:

Product: satinless steel eagle cage netting

Stainless steel wire rope: 5/64″, 3/32″, 1/8″

Mesh hole size: 1” x 1”, 2” x 2”, 3” x 3”

Material: stainless steel 304/316

Weaving process: hand-cross-woven

Mesh panel size: Customized Production ( length×high)

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