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Zoo Enclosure Fencing- ecozoomesh

Zoo Enclosure Fencing- Woven Wire Mesh

From Big Cats to Polar Bears, Hengyi Metal Mesh Customized Zoo Enclosure Fencing and Wildlife Park Fencing has been used over the years by zoos in London, American, Canada, and many other zoos. Also, construction and design companies cooperate with us.

Our woven zoo enclosure fencing and safari fence and aviary solutions allow for clean and natural viewing. While still providing the highest level of safety and security for animals and visitors.

Zoos and wildlife parks have come a long way in the last decades and so has Hengyi Metal Mesh zoo fencing systems and aviary mesh, monkey tunnel mesh systems.

The security and safety of zoo visitors and animals is the highest priority when it comes to looking at how you can update your animal enclosures to meet the demand of being a modern zoo or wildlife park. Visitors no longer want to be separated from the animals but instead want to feel like the enclosure is a part of the attraction. At woven zoo enclosure fencing, people could feel both open viewing and safety at the same time.

That is why so many zoos and wildlife parks have changed their zoo fencing to wire mesh to protect their visitors and animals every day.

zoo enclosure fencing

From lions to tigers, let’s find out how our zoo wire mesh fencing can help your next enclosures become major attractions.

  1. Safety -certified, toughness, load a strong force.
  2. Excellent elasticity and rigidity, adapt to the habit of animals climbing.
  3. Good perspective, providing good vision
  4. Easy to clean, environmentally friendly
  5. Simple structure, strong and durable
  6. Cost-effective, almost no maintenance costs.

Yes, it is because of these incomparable advantages that woven wire mesh fences are becoming popular, replacing other materials.

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