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Zoo Animal Barrier Netting New Selection– ecozoomesh

New Selection of Zoo Animal Barrier Netting 

Hengyi Metal Mesh’s zoo animal barrier netting has become a new selection of material. This is good for zoological gardens construction, and also good for us.

As a supplier of stainless steel woven cable nets, Hengyi has worked with hundreds of customers around the world after years of hard work. The zoo animal netting supplied by Hengyi has won the trust of customers with excellent performance.

Stainless Steel Woven Cable Nets

Consisting of stainless steel cable mesh that is connected to a stainless steel frame under high tension, this barrier netting allows unparalleled views of the animals, but with enough strength to contain even big cats. Thereby your visitors can enjoy breathtaking, uninterrupted views of the animals in complete safety.

This longevity safety material accepted customized to each order. No matter horizontal or vertical mesh, they could do as you wish.

The edges of zoo animal barrier netting have several options:

Zoo Animal Barrier Netting

  • One with loops and the other with ferrules

Zoo Animal Barrier Netting

  • Both edges with ferrules

  • One with loops and the other open
  • Both edges open

The edges solution should be selected according to the specific situation.

These edges options make woven wire mesh more flexible when installing. You also could design the enclosures or fences with these elements. They are all beautiful, and full of artistic sense.

As a whole new choice of zoo construction material, stainless steel woven wire mesh has so many advantages which we said in before articles. But the most advantage maybe woven wire mesh makes zoo design and construction simpler and easier.

I think that’s why people love it and trust it.

Anyway, for any questions about stainless steel cable net zoo animal barrier netting, please contact us at any time. The reply will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Zoo mesh netting panels are custom made to order for each individual order. So contact us for further information.


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