Stainless Steel Wire Net for Zoo—ecozoomesh

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Zoo Animal Barrier Netting New Selection– ecozoomesh

Stainless Steel Wire Net for Zoo—ecozoomesh

Hengyi Metal Mesh supplies its best quality stainless steel wire net for zoos and zoo construction.

A zoo is a place where a variety of animals, scientific research, popular science education, and public viewing are concentrated. In order to attract more tourists, the construction of the zoo, including the construction of zoo exhibits, is constantly being updated with the development of society. Hence, stainless steel wire net mesh gives designers a very good choice.

In general, when designing animal enclosures, it is not only from the perspective of tourists but more importantly, from the perspective of animals. Combining two points not only allows visitors to fully appreciate and understand animals safely but also allows animals to exhibit a natural posture in a comfortable environment. Therefore, the construction of zoo exhibits is the top priority in zoo construction.

As a new type of animal enclosure net and safety protection net, Hengyi Stainless Steel Wire Net has followed the main concepts to be considered in the planning and construction of all zoos.

Stainless Steel Wire Net

It is made of imported stainless steel wire rope, with uniform mesh, good line of sight and high tensile strength. It can effectively prevent the damage caused by the impact of animals and external alluvial objects on the stainless steel wire rope net. So that visitors can safely watch animals at close range.

And the stainless steel wire rope net has good softness, protects animal fur, corrosion resistance, long life.  It is also beautiful and environmentally friendly and integrates with nature. It is the best choice for zoo exhibits.

Hengyi stainless steel wire mesh factory was founded in the 1990s. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, Hengyi Metal Mesh was good at analyzing the industry market. Hengyi always keeps pace with the development of the times. The products were all underwritten by foreign distributors and became the first to open up overseas market wire mesh business. The products of Hengyi Metal Mesh are mainly used in zoo nets. Including bird aviary, orangutan enclosure, parrot cage net, monkey exhibit net, big cat animal fence, etc.

Stainless Steel Wire Net

It is a high-end, professional zoo-specific net mesh. With the continuous growth of the domestic economy and the continuous expansion of demand, the product field has also been extended from the original zoo-specific net to sports venues, acrobatics, architectural decoration, scenic spot protection, exhibition halls, and municipal construction.

In this context, Hengyi Metal Mesh continues to improve product quality, expand production scale, increase production capacity. And we still develop and improve stainless steel rope nets in terms of technology, process, appearance. This design to meet the growing needs at home and abroad. At present, Hengyi Metal Mesh has formed a development situation in which domestic sales and export sales go hand in hand.

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