Wire Mesh for Peacock Pens

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Wire Mesh for Peacock Pens

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Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh– Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Peacock Pens

With its long and beautiful tail feather, the peacock has won the favor of many tourists and visitors. Many people have raised peacocks in their gardens and built peacock pens and aviaries for them. Handwoven wire mesh for peacock pens is the best material in the fence options.

Regardless of family feeding or bird garden breeding, stainless steel hand woven wire mesh will be a good choice.

Stainless Steel Hand Woven Wire Mesh Netting has been used in Zoological Exhibits for more than fifty years. Hengyi Metal Mesh has been manufacturing this material since the first day. We can offer you help in a factory price quote and installation.

There are so many aviary projects for your reference.

Wire Mesh for Peacock Pens
Wire Mesh for Peacock Pens

Exception peacock, wire mesh aviary is also very suitable for large birds such as crane, ostrich, and flamingo. The wire mesh for peacock aviaries can locate outdoors, and the mesh can be used as the material to connect indoors and outdoors areas. The stainless steel wire mesh fences provide great viewing for kids and adults and those in wheelchairs to watch the birds.

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