Stainless steel deer control fence mesh

Leopard enclosure fence mesh
The Main Applications of Stainless Steel Wire Rope mesh

Stainless steel deer control fence mesh

About stainless steel deer control fence mesh, deer fence, deer enclosure netting, deer wire rope mesh, deer fencing. Widely used stainless steel rope mesh construction.

Stainless steel deer control fence mesh is the ideal alternative where plastic fencing or wood fence has been the traditional solution. It’s durability, ease of use, and other practical advantages make it a superior choice. Stainless steel deer control fence mesh offers maximum strength due to bi-oriented stretching.

Our deer fence mesh is a eco zoo mesh, also be called as deer enclosure mesh, deer wire rope netting, deer fencing, deer exhibit fence netting, ect. Deer control mesh made from 304 stainless steel wire ropes, hand woven, have a strong tensile strength, and stay in peak condition even in severe weather. Our fence and nets will not rust, rot or corrode, and will never need painting. The deer fence mesh guarantee optimal visibility and ornamental. There are no sharp edges, so the product will protection deer fur from harm.

Stainless steel deer control fence mesh is a kind of stainless steel rope mesh. Hengyi metal ecological mesh co., ltd supply, custom product, has variety of specification.

stainless steel deer control fence mesh

hand woven stainless steel rope netting used for giraffe cage fence mesh, deer control fence mesh

Deer control fence mesh commonly used specifications:

Rope diameter: 1.6mm (1/16″)

Mesh hole: 51mmx51mm (2″x 2″)

Mesh size: custom according to the size of the deer fence

General, stainless steel deer control fence mesh specifications according to the choice of deer species, to safety protection of deer as the primary consideration. And deer similar varieties are: sika deer, giraffe, antelope, goats, alpacas and so on. They apply to what stainless steel rope mesh specifications, please contact us, we will recommend you the right choice.


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