Stainless Steel Macaw Exhibits Mesh

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Stainless Steel Macaw Exhibits Mesh

Stainless Steel Macaw Exhibits Mesh

Macaw is a new type of pet. They are not missing in zoos or bird parks. The species and size of macaws are very diverse. The average life span of large macaws is 45 to 50 years. Therefore, it is also necessary to create a free and healthy home for them. The Stainless Steel Macaw Exhibits Mesh provides space for the macaws to fly, while also allowing people to walk into the aviary and get in close contact with the macaws.

The Stainless Steel Macaw Exhibits Mesh is hand-woven with 304/316 wire rope and is very durable.

The surface of the stainless steel woven mesh has no coating and is much safer than a galvanized mesh. Parrots are always chewing on nets, and zinc can cause poisoning.

When we are seriously considering the bird’s situation, we know that they need health, protection, and respect. Therefore, everyone who loves animals will choose healthy enclosure materials for these cute birds and provide them with enough space.

The stainless steel rope net is soft and flexible. It can be used as a roof net, an umbrella or a crown shape, and can be built on trees or other supports. Moreover, the stainless steel aviary net is relatively light in weight and does not cause damage to the load-bearing construction.

Stainless Steel Macaw Exhibits Mesh

Although it is a huge net made of closed space, it does not affect the sight, the sun, and the fresh air and rain. Everything is like in nature. The parrot can fly freely inside.

Most importantly, the Stainless Steel Macaw Exhibits Mesh offers space for people to live with birds. This is something that other materials can’t do.

Hengyi stainless steel wire mesh, the product meets the concept of the world zoo and strives to create a natural environment for animals.

Welcome to cooperate with Hengyi Metal Mesh to obtain a high-quality Stainless Steel Macaw Aviary Mesh. For more information on animal fences, please contact us directly: [email protected]


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