Stainless Steel Ferrule Net • Staircase Safety & Decorative Net

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Stainless Steel Ferrule Net • Staircase Safety & Decorative Net

Stainless steel ferrule net is also called X-tend net or webnet. Like the wire rope woven mesh, it is made of 304 and 316 steel wire ropes. The only difference is that the connection method is different from the woven rope net – the two ropes are fixed together with the stainless steel ferrule of the same material.

Like cable woven nets, stainless steel ferrule nets can be used for animal cage fences and safety nets. However, the stainless steel ferrule net is also more ornamental because of the neat rows of ferrules. It can be used for staircase safety (stair handrail netting) and decorative net.

Stainless Steel Ferruled Net staircase safety mesh

The stair fence with stainless steel cable net will let people have a feeling that the field of vision will be widened, and the indoor space will be visually enlarged.

Will it be complicated to install? No, the stainless steel cable ferruled mesh and woven mesh are both easy to install. It needs a few accessories, please click to see more installation instructions and accessories.

From the photos, you may see that the mesh angle of stainless steel ferrule mesh is smaller than woven cable mesh. That’s because the connection of the two nettings results in different maximum angles that they can reach. Woven mesh can be 90 degrees and ferrule mesh would be 60 degrees.

Usually, the production time of ferruled mesh is less than woven cable netting. Mesh sizes and opening holes are available in various options.

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