How to choose and build parrot fence?

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How to choose and build parrot fence?

Parrot is the most colorful bird, its ability to learn strong. And can be raised for the enjoyment of animals, but the cage room in order to fly wide. That parrot fence mesh how to choose it? In the construction of the parrot fence, what needs to be noted? Here with the ecozoomesh to find out about it.

Parrot fence mesh, parrot exhibit, parrot cages construction requirements:

  1. Cage area and space: each parrot parapet occupies an area of ​​2.5m × 2.5m × 3.5m. Cage height should not be too low, to ensure that the parrot bird has a certain activity space.
  2. Parrot cottage permeability: the general parrot bird cage on three sides for the protective net, one side for the solid wall. So that you can enjoy adequate light, good ventilation and ventilation, in the winter walls can also cold wind.
  3. Security facilities: parrot bird turtle beak hard, with a certain destructive. Requirements parrot fence mesh must be durable. parrot cage can not be too small, the mesh should not be too large. It is best to use a higher hardness of the stainless steel rope net( also be called: stainless steel wire rope mesh, stainless steel cabe mesh, hand woven mesh, stainless steel braid netting, zoo mesh, zoo fence).
  4. Health requirements: regularly on the parrot exhibit, parrot cage inside the cleaning, disinfection, exposure.
  5. Animal habit requirements: According to the habits of the parrot bird. The construction of the necessary habitat, steel ring, and anti-vegetation. As much as possible to restore the bird habitat, the release of its habits.
wire rope mesh for parrot cage, parrot fence nets

wire rope mesh for parrot cage, parrot fence mesh

The reason why choose stainless steel rope net as parrot fence mesh: Broken strength, resistant to tear, 304 stainless steel, no rust. And good flexibility, protection of parrot feathers. Transparent and beautiful, do not block Line of sight, and natural integration. And stainless steel rope mesh is a custom product, can be applied to any parrot cage shape. Specifications varied, applicable to a variety of parrot varieties.

So the stainless steel rope net also be called: stainless steel parrot fence mesh, parrot wire rope mesh, parrot bird cage netting, parrot protection mesh, parrot cage covered nets.


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