Aviary Wire Mesh, Aviary Wire Fencing

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stainless steel rope mesh, bird netting
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Aviary Wire Mesh, Aviary Wire Fencing

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Aviary Netting Manufacturer – Hengyi ecozoomesh

Pliable, transparent grid structures made of stainless steel rope from Hengyi Metal Mesh eco zoo mesh series are multifunctional and durable,100% Hand Woven. The aviary wire mesh is Strong, Flexible, Soft, Durable. No Rust, No Corrosion, Useful Life Over 30 Year.

Stainless steel rope netting for aviary wire mesh was subjected to number tests and complies with all applicable standards.

We utilize pure handmade technology in producing stainless steel rope mesh for various zoo applications. All its mesh products are free from rusts and contaminations. No matter whether the birds are parrots or cranes and eagles. Once these stainless steel rope meshes are properly installed in the aviary cages. And then it is impossible for them to break or tear it using teeth, paws or horns.

stainless steel aviary wire mesh, aviary wire fencing


Aviary wire rope fencing products are manufactured under the supervision of experienced craftsmen who paid essential importance to details. As a result, these are also ideal for making secured bird aviary netting.

Safety and comfort are important criteria for considering an aviary. Then is the beauty of the aviary. This is why we recommend stainless steel rope netting to everyone.

When you want to build a new aviary, you have to think about your birds: what they need and how to make them healthier. Of course, the safety of the aviary protects the birds from accidental injuries. Comfort provides the conditions for the health of the birds. As for beauty, it is considered for tourists. This will attract more visitors and bring more benefits to your aviary or zoo.


It’s a virtuous circle. Birds benefit from your aviary wire mesh, and you benefit from the excellence of the birds.

The major advantage of aviary wire mesh products is that they can withstand any level of outdoor temperature without any sign of damage or crack. So there is no need for additional maintenance expenditures. It also accepts customized orders to provide the specific steel rope mesh products as per the requirements of the clients. Our company offers varieties of strong and secure aviary enclosure barrier netting for increasing the purchasing options of the clients, as follows:

stainless steel rope mesh, wire cable mesh, wire rope netting

stainless steel rope mesh, wire cable mesh, wire rope netting

It is important for animals to be able to stay away from tourists when designing Aviary Netting, but design obstacles are also important in order to provide a rewarding experience for visitors. This can be used as a sanctuary for animals by including elements found in the normal habitat of wild plants, but it also educates visitors about the natural state of life of animals. Depending on the species on display, the Aviary Netting Mesh can be different designs.

For example, for large birds as the eagle, it is important to have a strong animal enclosures mesh or aviary netting mesh to protect visitors and animals. Keeping the shell interesting to visitors is also important, which is why the combination of strong fences such as animal enclosures mesh and glass windows is a good choice.


Hengyi Metal Mesh is committed to the long-term project of aviary wire mesh and gives birds a long-term, safe environment. If you agree with our ideas or interest the products of Aviary Wire Mesh, please contact me.

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