Large bird park sky nets

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Large bird park sky nets

Large bird park sky nets

Bird protection areas, bird gardens, bird forests, zoo reconstruction. What kind of protective nets are used to achieve a good viewing experience without destroying the habitat of animals and giving visitors a good viewing experience? Choosing the right large bird park sky nets is the primary problem.

Large bird park sky nets

Stainless steel woven mesh is used for zoo fence nets, birdcage nets, birdhouse protection nets, large bird park sky nets. Bird park sky nets, bird forest nets, large bird cage nets and so on.
The large bird forest net mesh refers to the bird protection area of a large bird shelter area with an area of more than 3,000 square meters. The middle column is generally more than 15 meters high, which allows the birds to fly more freely in the bird cage. Birds and Visitors are better interacting.

Large bird park sky netsLarge bird park sky nets

Adapted to parrots, thrushes, acacias, starlings, geese. You can raise some white cranes, red-crowned cranes, black cranes, peacocks, white swan, Tibetan chicken, spoon chicken, colorful pheasant, flamingo and so on.
Bird cage nets, stainless steel rope nets, birdhouse nets, stainless steel bird cage nets, manufacturers custom-made production. Products are welcome in the zoo. A variety of animal cage protection nets, exported to all parts of the world.
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