How to Measure Flexible Zoo Mesh Panels

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How to Measure Flexible Zoo Mesh Panels

At Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh, when each piece of ZOO WIRE MESH is shipped, we will hang a label with basic information such as specifications and dimensions. In this way, customers can easily find the corresponding mesh panel after receiving the goods. For Flexible Zoo Mesh Panels, such information is essential, especially for orders with multiple nets with different sizes.

However, if you want to measure the size of the Flexible Zoo Mesh Panels after receiving the goods, what should you do?

The wire rope net produced by Hengyi is a woven type net. It does not have a fixed pitch like a welded net. The flexible zoo net has good flexibility and extensibility and can be stretched freely in all directions. This will lead to some people not knowing how to start.

The ductility of the steel wire rope net can be stretched in all directions by external forces. This makes it difficult to measure its size, so how do we measure it? Need to stretch the wire rope net to what state is the measured size accurate?

How to Measure Flexible Zoo Mesh Panels

First, we must be sure of the direction of the wire rope net and place it correctly. Then, the wire rope net is slowly stretched out in the length direction. Until the crossing angle of the steel wires in each mesh is 90°, the four sides of the mesh hole form a square. Under such tension, it is accurate to measure the length and width of the entire mesh. However, generally in a flat state, if the mesh size is large, it is difficult to evenly pull each mesh to a standard state.

But don’t worry, our zoo nets are all custom sizes. We have experienced technicians who can calculate production parameters. When placing an order, the customer lists the required size in detail, and we will produce meshes of the same size according to the customer’s requirements. In this way, there is no need to measure! Just find the corresponding mesh and install it after receiving the goods.

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