Hand-Woven Netting Mesh for Zoo Animal Enclosures

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Hand-Woven Netting Mesh for Zoo Animal Enclosures

the installation of hand-woven netting mesh of bird aviary

Hand-woven netting mesh is a flexible cable mesh made of steel wire ropes. Hengyi Metal Mesh specializes in the production and sales of wire cable woven netting mesh. We are a professional and experienced manufacturer and supplier.

Hand-woven netting mesh, as the name suggests, are artificially woven nets. But such a net that cannot be produced by machines has extraordinary safety performance. Hand-woven wire cable mesh has shined in the construction of zoo animal cages, fences, and enclosures in recent years. Due to the excellent performance of the stainless steel wire rope, the safety and life span of the hand-woven net are greatly improved.

Currently, Hengyi Metal Mesh produces and supplies two kinds of woven nets: stainless steel rope knotted mesh and steel wire rope ferrule mesh. Both woven mesh is handmade. They are mostly used in zoos, bird aviaries, fence protection, green wall climbing, and decoration.

The stainless steel knotted mesh is lighter than ferrule cable mesh and is seamlessly connected. It is mostly used in places with higher safety requirements, such as tiger fence nets, monkey tunnel mesh, bird flight aviary enclosure, and so on.


The stainless steel cable ferrule mesh is very aesthetic in structure and is suitable for stair guardrail filling, fence filling, curtain wall decoration, green plant climbing, and other places. But it also applies to animal cage engineering. Therefore, good suppliers will provide high-quality and high-performance woven nets. Otherwise, the cage nets of poor quality will rust, or even break.

The zoo animal enclosures produced by Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh are all raw materials of international standard materials: AISI304 stainless steel and AISI316 stainless steel. All elements meet or exceed standard requirements. The rope diameter will not be thinner than the standard requirement.

We sell hand-woven netting mesh and zoo animal enclosures cage nets at factory prices. With the same quality, our price definitely has an advantage.

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