Black Wire Mesh for Eagle Aviary

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The Importance of Stainless Steel Mesh in Zoos Construction

Black Wire Mesh for Eagle Aviary

Black Wire Mesh for Eagle Aviary

The Black Wire Mesh for Eagle Aviary is a kind of facility material set up by the bird park or zoo to protect the eagle. When designing the eagle house, it should leave enough space for the eagle to fly and move. As a result, eagle aviaries are generally very large and have plenty of space.

For the material of the bird aviary, it needs to be light and easy to install, especially the roof net, and it also needs to be flexible and can be cut in any shape. General nylon mesh materials or plastic mesh materials are very fragile. And metal materials are usually very hard, although relatively strong, but easy to corrode, and difficult to design shapes. These materials make it impossible for designers or zoo architects to design satisfactory works.

Black Wire Mesh for Eagle Aviary


Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh supplies the black wire mesh material, which greatly meets the needs of designers and the market.

The black oxide wire mesh is more visually comfortable, does not reflect the sun’s rays, and can effectively protect the eyesight of animals. And it is a metal net, and the structure of the grid makes it greatly reduce its weight. The size of the mesh can be adjusted according to the type of animal and the specific situation.

The biggest advantage of the grid structure is penetrability-light transmission, air permeability, and water permeability.

An aviary needs to contain many birds, and it needs to be in a healthy environment like the natural environment. Sunlight, circulating air, and rain are essential natural elements. The black mesh of the Eagle aviary solves the impermeability of the glass cage and is very durable. It does not rust even in areas with heavy rain. Because our company uses marine grade stainless steel.

Stainless steel woven wire mesh is suitable for the eagle house, bird aviary, and various animal enclosures. Dozens of specifications are available and we accept customized services.

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