Black Oxidized Stainless Steel Woven Mesh Order Completed –ecozoomesh

hand-woven stainless steel mesh specifications
Hand-woven Stainless Steel Mesh Specifications
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Black Oxidized Stainless Steel Woven Mesh Order Completed –ecozoomesh



Black oxidized stainless steel woven mesh order completed –ecozoomesh

Black oxidized stainless steel woven mesh is a featured product of Hengyi eco zoo mesh.

Hengyi Metal Mesh focuses on hand-woven stainless steel mesh for decades. Because it is specialized, so professional. Hengyi Metal Mesh has done a lot of research and experiment on the innovation of stainless steel woven mesh, and finally launched a black oxidized stainless steel woven mesh. The black oxidized stainless steel woven mesh is an upgrade of the stainless steel rope mesh. It not only has all the advantages of the stainless steel rope mesh but also has more unexpected places.

After the blackening treatment of the stainless steel rope net, it can relieve the eye irritation and protect the eye and has a unique aesthetic effect. It is mainly used for the protection of animal cages and building decoration. The field is more user-friendly than the original color stainless steel rope net.

Features of black stainless steel rope net, black oxidized stainless steel woven mesh:

  1. High tensile strength and breaking force, and good safety protection effect;
  2. The black stainless steel rope net has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, and no rust, and is suitable for outdoor climatic environments;
  3. Custom mesh size can be used in various places, flexible and convenient to install;
  4. High-grade and beautiful, decorative, is a green environmental protection net;
  5. Good permeability, no obstruction of sight, humanized design, good protection for the eyes;
  6. Black stainless steel rope net does not need to be cured and has a long service life.

Black oxidized stainless steel woven mesh

The picture shows the black oxide rope net we produced for our Canadian customer. Product HY32102 and HY3251.

In addition to the color, the other specifications are the same as the natural color rope net. When selecting the specifications, you can refer to the specifications of the product page.

In order to facilitate customers, Hengyi will recommend common specifications for customers based on installation experience. If the application environment is special, we will provide detailed materials, rope diameter, hole spacing, and overall structural advice according to your requirements and specific application environment. Installation guide.

Black oxidized stainless steel rope mesh gives you more design space.

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