Aviary Netting for Parrots — best mesh for parrot aviary

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Aviary Netting for Parrots — best mesh for parrot aviary

Aviary netting for parrots is the common application of stainless steel rope mesh.

There are many kinds of parrots in the world. Large sizes and small sizes. However, you don’t need many kinds of aviary netting for parrots. Stainless steel rope mesh from ecozoomesh is the best mesh for parrot aviary.

Hengyi ecozoomesh has various mesh openings, and matches a suitable cable diameter; they would be great aviary material.

For small size parrots, such as lorikeets, Budgerigar, the recommended options are a 0.8″ mesh opening with a 3/64″ cable diameter.

Due to the small mesh aperture opening, the production cycle of this specification is relatively longer than other aperture mesh. To ensure the quality of the aviary netting, please allow enough time for production when ordering.

For large size parrots, such as Macaw, Cockatoo; the recommended mesh types are 1.5″ to 2″ opening holes with 1/16″ or 5/64″ cable diameters.

Because parrots have a sharp beak and like to peck at the net, a thicker rope diameter can ensure safety.

All the aviary mesh netting orders are customized including cable diameter, mesh opening, material type, and panel measurements. Therefore, please do consider the production cycle when ordering. In this case, we can provide you the best service and zoo mesh products.

We take every customer’s interest as the first thing, do what we can, and help you better proceed with the projects.

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