USA Outdoor Animal Enclosures Nets Order Delivery

What’s better than galvanized aviary wire?
Why wire mesh fences are so flexible?

USA Outdoor Animal Enclosures Nets Order Delivery

stainless steel enclosure mesh order

USA Outdoor Animal Enclosures Nets Order Delivery – Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Order Dent Details

Outdoor animal enclosures nets are usually required to be able to withstand harsh weather, not afraid of the wind, rain, and sun exposure. Then, flexible cable mesh would be the best option.

Hengyi Metal Mesh is a manufacturer of stainless steel flexible cable mesh for outdoor animal enclosures, bird aviaries, park fences, and protective railing mesh, etc.  A variety of specifications are available for outdoor animal enclosures nets.

The mesh specification means the cable diameter and mesh aperture (opening sizes). We have AISI304 type and AISI316 type mesh nets. You may choose what you want. There is more detailed information on our website. Or just email me, I will tell you more.

This week, a large quantity of stainless steel wire rope mesh was delivered to the United States. One of our regular customers purchased this 1/8″ cable diameter mesh for the bear fence and roof netting project.

The above photos are the packages of the fence mesh, a total of 15 pallets, and weighing more than 4 tons.

It is a large-scale project and the fence mesh order took us almost one month to produce. And no matter how hard, we wish to supply our best products to everyone.

Please feel free to contact us to get your order.

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