Stainless Steel Wire Netting for Zoo Enclosures Order

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Net
Stainless Steel Woven Mesh Provides Visitors Open View

Stainless Steel Wire Netting for Zoo Enclosures Order

Stainless Steel Wire Netting is a kind of woven wire mesh which is made of 304/316 wire cables. It is widely used as zoo enclosures and aviary netting. 

Hengyi Metal Mesh is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel wire netting mesh. Today, our netting mesh order is completed and sends to XINGANG seaport. The shipping method is very cost-effective and suitable for a large quantity.

The specifications of this order vary from 1.6mm diameter to 3.2mm. They are for different animals. Such as Lemur, Jaguar, Mandrill, monkey, and birds.

Stainless Steel Wire Netting




Product: Stainless Steel Wire Netting

Product ID: HY1630, HY2060, HY2460, HY3276

Color: Black oxide & Natural

Material: AISI 316 stainless steel

Mesh size: 1600 SQ.M




This is a zoo project. Customer finds us and sends us their design drawings and measurement data for advice. Based on this information, we have recommended some specifications for our customer and calculated the quantity. We also advise on how to split the mesh dimension and how many pillars the netting needs. This will reduce the workload for the customer.

Finally, we communicated about the delivery. After the order is completed, we communicated the delivery details in time, from booking to delivery. All is going well.

Hengyi Metal Mesh provides thoughtful service for every customer. Welcome to contact us to get your orders.


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