Hand-Woven Stainless Steel Netting Order Delivery

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Hand-Woven Stainless Steel Netting Order Delivery

Hengyi Metal Mesh accepts custom-made hand-woven stainless steel netting order requirements.

This time, we sent the flexible hand-woven stainless steel netting order to Denmark again. As our regular clients, they trust us and continue to place orders. When purchasing wire mesh, they might have some particular requirements per project. No need to worry about that, we can provide you the best solutions. No matter special ends, or different sizes, Hengyi Metal Mesh can always meet your mind.

This order is for a stair railing project and requires the use of large mesh specifications. Therefore, we recommend a 4-inch mesh to our customers. The rope diameter cannot be too thin given the large mesh opening, so 1/8 inch is selected. There are a lot of nets for this order. And the size of each piece is different. We calculate the dimensions of each piece for the customer in detail and start to arrange production after getting confirmation.

The wire rope mesh railing of each fence net of this project uses the horizontal direction. Please see more details in the photos.

flexible hand-woven stainless steel nettingflexible hand-woven stainless steel netting

At Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh, we all use the best raw materials and will never cut corners. At the same price, you will get better products. Contact us quickly to get an order.

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