Flexible Cable Balustrade Mesh Order Completed

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Flexible Cable Balustrade Mesh Order Completed

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh has completed the Flexible Cable Balustrade Mesh order this week. It is a material that combines safety and decoration. And it is very commonly used in modern architecture.

The flexible cable balustrade mesh order is purchased by our regular client in Denmark. It has been a couple of years since our first cooperation. We have been keeping in touch, and continue to deepen business contacts.

This order is a part of a large project, and there will be a send order after shipment. The whole balustrade mesh has been divided into many small parts. Thanks to the stainless steel cable mesh’s excellent feature, we can make the customized sizes happen. Because of the complexity of the sizes, we took much time to discuss the details. After confirmed all the detailed information, finally, the client accepted the solution we offered.

We are happy that we provide professional advice and solutions for our clients. Hengyi Metal Mesh will continue to provide high-quality wire rope mesh products and thoughtful service for clients.

the balustrade fence made with cable mesh



Please see more details of the mesh:

Stainless steel railing mesh

Item: HY32102

Cable dia.: 3.2mm

Opening: 102mm x 102mm

Material: AISI 316

Panel: Horizontal type

Ends: Closed with eyeferrules




flexible cable balustrade mesh panelsflexible cable balustrade mesh pallets

mesh order packagewire mesh being packed into pallet

If you also want the custom-made mesh order, please feel free to contact us.

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