zoo annual physical examination

stainless steel cable mesh, wire rope mesh
Stainless Steel Wire Cable Mesh
anti-collision pier by wire rope mesh
Reinforcement by Rope mesh

zoo annual physical examination

Zoo Annual Checkup4

Stand good, stand, zoo annual Annual physical examination

August 24, the London Zoo ushered in an annual animal check-up, the park more than 20,000 animals to measure height and weight. zoo annual physical examination.

The keepers were hanging food sacks in the trees, and the lions were at a glance when they were hunting. Use food to “lure” naughty squirrel monkeys to the instrument weighing … Poke the ↓ and see how the keepers handle the rogue.【Make animal life better, Hengyi Ecozoomesh

The little chimp “steals” his height.

The staff of the park lured the penguins to the electronic scales with food.

Zoo Annual Checkup2

Two squirrel monkeys are “consciously” together on the electronic scale.

【Make animal life better, Hengyi Ecozoomesh

phantom-mesh aviary-mesh Parrot-mesh- (1)

phantom-mesh aviary-mesh Parrot-mesh- (1)

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