Wire Mesh Railing Detail

Tiger metal woven wire fence mesh
Leopard black steel wire enclosure mesh

Wire Mesh Railing Detail

Wire Mesh Railing Details

Hengyi Metal Mesh – wire mesh railing is used for railing filling or as a replacement for standard railings.

It is also suitable for such applications in residential, semi-public and public spaces. Whether at home, in kindergartens and schools, museums and offices, bridges are a vantage point for public access: wire mesh railing is always convincing because it combines functionality, aesthetic appeal, economical use of materials and longevity. Equally important, the product is sustainable in the best sense, especially in terms of cost-effectiveness.

In addition to the relatively low investment, one of the main advantages of wire railing net is that it involves little maintenance expenditure. Stainless steel wire mesh net is made of high-quality stainless steel, does not rust. It does not need to be maintained after installation, which is very convenient.

wire mesh railing

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh produces a variety of railings mesh of various specifications, with high quality and reasonable price. 

The stainless steel safety wire mesh railing similar products include decoration mesh, stadium fence mesh, decoration net, sports enclosure, performance plant fence nets, stair protection net, bridge fence mesh, road safety fence, balcony protection, plant climbing net, and surface cover net, etc.

For the specification of wire mesh railing, many people are usually not very clear. For safety, the thicker diameter of the mesh is generally selected, and the mesh aperture can be selected according to the preferences. Please do not choose an aperture that is too small considering the cost.

Specifications recommendation:

Rope diameter: 3.2mmRope diameter: 2.4mmRope diameter: 3.2mm
Mesh aperture: 90mm×90mmMesh aperture: 76mm×76mmMesh aperture: 102mm×102mm


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