How to help wild animals survive the winter? –ecozoomesh

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How to help wild animals survive the winter? –ecozoomesh

wild animal flexible enclosure net Beijing Wildlife Park (3)

Beijing Wildlife Park (3)

Wild animal flexible enclosure net–ecozoomesh

  • How to help wild animals survive the winter? 

Hengyi ecozoomesh wild animal flexible enclosure net, wire rope cage mesh, not afraid of cold winter and snow, no corrosion, no rust.

The arrival of winter not only has an impact on plants but also has a great impact on wildlife. Many animals in the zoo are imported from other places, and many may not adapt to local climate change. So what should be done to keep the animals warm in the cold winter?

  • Required equipment, facilities

Fences or cages, heating facilities such as heating, air conditioning or housing.

First of all, to ensure the safety of animals, this requires a strong and wind-resistant fence. Stainless steel wire mesh fence, AISI304 stainless steel rope weave, not afraid of wind and snow erosion.

In winter, animals must be provided with the necessary warmth. Animals that are not resistant to low temperatures can be temporarily transferred indoors. Heating or air conditioning can be installed indoors, but pay attention to ventilation and humidification.

wild animal flexible enclosure net

wild animal flexible enclosure net

  • Create a natural wintering environment for animals

All local animals need to survive in the winter. Animals that do not hibernate also need food and water. Many other animals need safely hidden holes to adapt to the winter and in some cases need to hibernate. Be sure to keep the plants and even create some branches to provide warm winter homes for wildlife.

In addition, many flowering plants, grass, shrubs, and trees hang their seeds and fruits throughout the winter, which will provide food for birds such as cardinals, sparrows and other creatures that remain active in winter.

  • What should be paid attention to in the indoor environment

Some animals in the zoo are imported from the tropics. They can’t adapt to the cold winter, you need to transfer them indoors and add heating equipment to spend the cold winter.

Try to set up a lighting window on the roof of each animal house to adjust the light transmission area so that the animals can enjoy the sunbathing. In the past, there was no light window on the roof of the traditional animal house, and it could only be transmitted through the windows on the wall. When there is insufficient light, the keeper will turn on the light to supplement the light source.

However, the light is not a substitute for the sun. The animals need to bask in the sun. The ultraviolet rays in the sun can help the animal body to synthesize some essential nutrients. If animals do not reach the sun for a long time, especially in winter, they will have an impact on their health.

wild animal flexible enclosure net

Not all animals need extra warmth, like tigers, leopards, camels, and foxes, which themselves will develop cold-resistant fluff in the fall, plus the increasing energy feeding. They can throughout the winter by themselves.

Wire rope wildlife fences provide safe outdoor habitat for animals such as tigers, lions, and leopards. Even a strong blizzard will not crush the fence. More information, please click wildlife exhibit mesh.

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