Which steel mesh suitable for tiger fence?

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Which steel mesh suitable for tiger fence?

Stainless steel rope mesh is widely used for various tigers enclosure mesh. 

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Stainless steel wire mesh for  tiger enclosure mesh product Specifications:

Product: Tiger fence mesh

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Rope Diameter: 3.2mm

Mesh hole: 51mmx51mm, 76mmx76mm

Steel Wire Rope Structure: 7×19

Mesh size (length x Height): Customized according to customer needs

Cross knitting process, wire netting knot fixed, mesh hole side length fixed unchanged.

The product is shown in the right picture.


Why  wire mesh is suitable for tiger enclosure mesh?

It has a strong breaking force and tensile strength, strong and durable;

Corrosion resistance, not rust, used for variety outdoor environmental conditions;

Do not need maintenance, long service life;

Transparent, do not block the line of sight;

Beautiful and environmental friendly, and non-toxic;

Factory direct supply, custom size;

Good flexibility, not limited by the shape of the tiger cage, flexible installation and convenient.




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