Installation of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh- ecozoomesh

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How to Get a Custom Size of Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Fencing-ecozoomesh

Installation of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh- ecozoomesh

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Installation of Stainless Steel Wire Meshecozoomesh

Hengyi Woven Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is stable and rigid, has a smooth surface and is aesthetically pleasing. Available in a wide range of wire rope diameters and hole opening sizes.

There are many types of wire mesh, and the stainless steel wire mesh is one of them. It is hand-woven and made of 304/316. The rope diameter ranges from 1.2mm to 3.2mm or even 4.0mm, and the hole aperture ranges from 20mm to 120mm even more. The specifications are various and can be applied to various scenes. Stainless steel wire mesh is a fine product in wire mesh products.

Many customers are worried that they will not install the stainless steel wire mesh. In fact, there is absolutely no need to worry about the installation concern. The installation of stainless steel woven mesh is very simple. There are very few accessories, and basically, the customer will be equipped with a certain amount of mounting accessories, such as wire rope or ferrule.

I will introduce some installation knowledge of stainless steel wire mesh today.


stainless steel wire mesh

Natural state & Installation Finished State -stainless steel cable mesh



  • The natural state and stretched state of the mesh


  1. Natural state

The mesh angle is irregular in the natural state, and the mesh looks relatively tight.

  1. Stretched state

Stainless steel rope net: The mesh is stretched when the angle of each mesh reaches 90 degrees. At this time, the mesh can reach the maximum area, which is also the state we used for accurate measurement.



  • The connection of mesh pieces

Method 1: Connect with wire rope: cross the wire rope to connect the two mesh pieces.

Method 2: Metal ferrule (snap) connection: Wrap the wire rope at the junction of the two mesh sheets with a metal ferrule, press it and connect the mesh.

stainless steel wire mesh
stainless steel wire mesh

  • The connection of mesh to cable or fixed frame

Method 1: Direct connection: directly insert the edge of the mesh in a certain direction on the cable or frame. Note: Each mesh has the same shape and orientation.

stainless steel wire mesh

Method 2: Connect with wire rope: cross the wire rope to connect the mesh and the frame.

stainless steel wire mesh


These are some simple connection ways, and the connection of specific scenes is more diverse. We will provide specific installation instructions.


Hengyi Metal Mesh has been engaged in the stainless steel wire mesh industry for many years and is a professional processing factory. Unlike many other factories, we only produce this kind of product, so we can achieve excellence.

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